Friday, May 30, 2008

Want to get paid to search? Want to get paid to read info on how to loose thoes exta pounds?

Well I had a very good friend of mine lead me to this site wellness360 and in this site you can answer all kinds of questions about your health, your family's health, your body, your fitness, the meds you are on, the foods you eat etc. and it all helps you keep track for your Fresh Start to a New You! They also provide great articles on health and Fitness along with some great videos of exercises you can watch and try out!

And I am sure you are thinking yea yea yea I have seen a million and one sites like this WHATEVER!

BUT WAIT I AM GETTING TO THE BEST PART! every time you click on something on that page, or evertime you fill something out, or watch a video, or read an article You get points and with these points comes the MONEY you get paid to search this webpage!

After only a few Hrs. wtching videos and reading some really great stuff for my new found diet I am doing LOL I was earning MONEY I was up to like 5$ you have to make it to 25$ before you can cash out but that is not hard at all just a couple of days of reading and you are there.

So go and check the out at wellness360 and put my code in ahm815122 (you need one to start anyways) we can be friends on the site as well!


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