Thursday, July 24, 2008


Finaly after 2 tries I got accepted to PayPerPost. I am their newest Postie! A Postie? Yea I can see your face now, you are trying to figure out what a Postie is! Well it is a person in the blogger world that gets paid to do what they do best Blog, A Postie is a writer for PayPerPost! Oh, and the best part of it all is you get paid to do it, yep you read that right you get paid to do it!

PayPerPost is a Legit company that pays for you to blog about certain topics from a rather large list of theres. All you have to do is Submit your blog to their page make sure you read their terms of service to make sure that your blog is old enough, and has enough post, add their badge to their badge to your side bar and wait to be approved. The day you get the email that you are approved you can log into PayPerPost, go to open opportunities, reserve you spot on an opportunity, and start making money!

Now once your post was approved PayPerPost will Pay-pal you the money that the post was worth, Can it get any easier than that?

Now that you have the run down on things and you still think you would like to be a Postie for PayPerPost head on over there now and get your blog approved now it does take a few days so don't get frustrated with them but it is well worth the wait I promise!

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

ParkingPal Giveaway!

Closed Winner will be contacted shortly!

I had the pleasure of Trying one of these neat little creations out, so I stuck one just like the one above to my truck and took off, my son is 2 so I was a little worried he would not under stand what to do when we got out of the truck in the parking lot I told him to give the ParkingPal a High Five and He did so I could get his sister and my bags out of the truck, just not long enough before I knew it he had let go and was off so I think he was still just a little to young for it!
So I came up with a new way to use the ParkingPal in my home until he is old enough to use it in a parking lot and me feel comfortable that he will not run off again LOL! We are trying time outs around our house but again he is not picking up on the hole knees thing so I was sitting him in a chair but when the ParkingPal came along I decided to try a new way of things I stuck it to a surface in my home and when he needs to cool off he puts his hand there for his cooling down time and it works great! So until he is ready for the Parking Lot we will practice in our home Thanks ParkingPal!

How would you like to win your own ParkingPal?

I have this Fishy ParkingPal up for grabs
All you have to do is go to the ParkingPal website come back here and leave me a comment telling me one of the safety tips & stats it is that easy!
Everyone is welcome to enter, Please make sure there is a way for me to get intouch with you either by your blog or your email, contest will end July 29, 2008. Winner will be chosen by
For extra entries:
1. you can blog about this giveaway then in a separate comment leave me a link back to it.
2. add my button to your blog and in a separate comment let me know
or 3. subscribe to my feed and in a separate comment let me know

Thanks and Good Luck!
Closed Winner Will Be Contacted Shortly!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Nature's Baby Organics Review

I am always on the look out for products that can help my children out when it comes to there skin allergies and eczema! That is how I found Nature's Baby Organics and I am really glad I did They have a wonderful line of products, and Great Customer Service.

The Owner and Creator of Nature's Baby Organics, Adena, Created these wonderful products after her first child had a bad reaction to a product she was using on her and her second child had very bad eczema. After some very extensive research and years of development and testing here you have it a Product that is safe for your baby's skin and wont dry out their hair.

Lets talk about the products I reviewed:
First there was the Shampoo & Body Wash in Vanilla Tangerine: I have to say the smell was amazing I loved the way it was not to sweet but just enough to stay on all day! The shampoo and body wash cleaned very well it only took a very small drop and lathered very well I was very impressed it left my baby skin very smooth and soft with no reactions to it at all!

Next we used the Conditioner & Detangler also in Vanilla Tangerine: I have to say I was a little worried about using this in my baby's hair as she has fine hair and I did not want it to come out greasy or oily but to my surprise it did not at all it was just soft and silky with no knots my son on the other hand has very course hair and I was looking forward to using it in his hair to see what it would do and it was amazing his hair came out the same as my little girls so soft and silky I could actually do something with it besides it just sticking up LOL!

Then Came the Face & Body Moisturizer in Fragrance-Free: I loved this Moisturizer it was not oily at all I loved that it was fragrance-free my little girl has eczema really bad and after a few days of using this with the bath soap her eczema was much better then when we use all of the prescription lotions she has.

Next I had the Organic soothing Stick in Fragrance-Free: I used this for my oldest childes chapped lips she gets them so bad that they crack and bleed and nothing else that I have tried has worked like this.

I also tried the Aromatherapy Calming Spray in Lovely Lavender: I have used the baby wash before but never a spray before so I was very eager to try it out it smelled so lovely such a light sent of lavender, so I sprayed it every so lightly over my baby's bed and she slept like a log, I also sprayed my sons bed and my bed I loved it so much.

I would recommend these lovely products to anyone not just to parents with children with irritable skin but they are such lovely products and work so well that any parent would Love them!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Winner of the Bows 2 Cute Giveaway is.....

Shelly said...

I like the Candy Apple Princess and the gingham

July 10, 2008 12:35 PM

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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

THE WINNER OF THE VERY HELPFUL CD IS...... and a 33% discount on the Very Helpful CD

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Buttons and Bows, hands down!


Congrats to you I will be contacting you shortly!

David was so pleased with all the responses to the giveaway that he has so graciously given everyone that has not won a chance to purchase his Very Helpful CD at 33% off as a Thank you for all the kind comments you have given!
All you have to do is click on the paypal button at the bottom and it will direct you to check out and David will be notified with your shipping address and all!
What a Wonderful thing he is doing Thank you David! So hurry and get your very own Very Helpful CD at 33% off!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Bows 2 Cute Giveaway!

I was Lucky enough to find Bows 2 Cute I am always looking for bows and clips that will stay in my Daughters Barely there hair, Her hair is so baby fine and almost not even there on top LOL! But when I received the starter set from Bows 2 cute I was so excited to finally find cute little bows and clips that actually stayed in her hair! She played all day and never once did they fall out! I was also so impressed with the prices I go to a few craft shows a year and you can find some reasonable priced bows but most are just so plain! I know now that I can always go to Bows 2 Cute and find what I am looking for at a great price!

At Bows 2 Cute they not only Make the cutest bows they also do snappies, headbands, buttons/magnets, and bow holders! What a wonderful Job Jamie does she puts so much pride into everything she makes! Jamie is a Mother as well as a Teacher she teaches preschool special education, She started making bows for her own daughter when she could not find any bows that would stay in her barely there hair, she also wanted to sale her bows at a much lower price than what she had found at other places! I think she has done a wonderful job at achieving this!
How would you like to win a starter set of Bows from Bows 2 Cute?
Bows 2 Cute Kindly offered one lucky reader from A Window To My Crazy Life a starter set just like the one you see above. All you have to do is visit Bows 2 Cute and come back here telling me in a comment what your favorite bow is at Bows 2 Cute! You will have until July 14th @ 11pm CDT to enter! I will pick a winner the next morning and contact him/her via email or their blog! So make sure there is a way for me to contact you either by your blog or for non-bloggers you can leave your email address, if there is no way for me to contact you there is no way for you to win!
FOR EXTRA ENTRIES(one extra for each thing you do):
~Blog about this giveaway link back in a separate comment!
~Add my button somewhere on your blog! leave a separate comment telling me you did it! and where I can find it!
~subscribe to my feed and leave me a separate comment letting me know you did it!
Open to everyone!

Winner of the My Plate-Mate!

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Blogger E. Cooper said...

I love the idea that it'll help the kidlet - I'm not so worried about messes, but I promote activities that raise self-esteem!

Congrats I will be contacting you shortly!

Happy First Birthday Jolie!

One year ago my Beautiful Baby girl was born! It seems like it was just yesterday! I was 2cm dilated at my last doctors appointment and had been having a lot of contractions enough for the doctor to monitor me a couple of times but of course they were all false labor well on July 2, 2007 I had a doctors appointment at 9am I had been up all night with contractions and hard ones I was tired I felt like it was time but was thinking I was going to go longer b/c I just not that lucky my Due Date was not for another 5 or 6 days! Well I get into the office and It is Me, My Hubby, and we Have Joseph with us because I did not think anything was going to happen! My Doc does his check says I am still 2 cm dilated But I am contracting like crazy so he asked me if I had my bags packed, I told him yes and that they were in the truck LOL! So my doctor said that if I want to be induced today that I could be, So I jumped off the table so fast and was ready to walk over to the Hospital! I got to the hospital at 10am I was still contracting good they got me all settled in and hooked up and at 10:30 broke my water! Oh man did the contractions start after that! We called everyone we needed to call and my Mom and MIL were on there way to come and help out with Joseph and to be there when Jolie was born! So at 11:30 they come in to check me and I am 5cm dilated but my contractions have slowed down a lot so they hook me up to the pitocin and call for the epi so around 12:00 the epi lady gets there and I get hooked up to that and by this time I am so thankful the pitocin has kicked in and my contractions are back off the charts! So now I have the epi and I rest for a bit well not even an hour later my epi is wearing off so I tell the nurse and I get more meds all is good now it is 2:30 I am still at 6 cm dilated so Hubby decides he is going to take Joseph and go home and pack his bags and let Joe sleep on the ride there b/c he was so tired so they leave about 3:00pm the nurse comes in right after them at about 3:30pm checks me and says it is time to push! Well im freaking out b/c my hubby just left he wont be back for like a couple hours now so My MIL starts calling him to turn around and come back it is time to push LOL so he gets back at about 4:00pm they are setting me up to get ready to push and at 4:59pm Jolie is born weighing 6lbs 2oz and 19in long! Here are some pics from birth to now!

Happy Birthday My Beautiful Baby Girl!