Monday, November 3, 2008

Here are the winners from the Bloggy Carnival!

And the winner of the Little Fit Hat of their choice is

Here are your random numbers:10
Timestamp: 2008-11-03 14:03:57 UTC

Stacy said...
The Skull & Bones: Black one is adorable.Thanks for the giveaway!hetz-junk(at)hotmail(dot)com
The First winner of the Ooh La La Mama 9-12m Onsies is

Nurse Mommy said...
love the Moto Baby Tee

Here are your random numbers:13
Timestamp: 2008-11-03 14:24:27 UTC

And the second winner of the Ooh La La mama 6-9m Onsie is

Summer Pendry said...
I subscribe

Here are your random numbers:41
Timestamp: 2008-11-03 14:31:00 UTC

The winner of the Revival Ink Tank is

Faerie Mom said...
I am following you!

Here are your random numbers:29
Timestamp: 2008-11-03 14:37:54 UTC

And Last but not least the winner of the DadGear Diaperbag

franaroon said...
The orange one would be perfect!

Here are your random numbers:131
Timestamp: 2008-11-03 15:37:49 UTC

Congrats to all the winners I will be contacting you shortly then you will have 48 hrs to respond with your address, If you do not respond a new winner will be picked by!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Revival Ink for the Unique side in you!

This is my 4th giveaway for the bloggy carnival!

Looking for that Unique Look? Well I think I have found it Revival Ink, They have many different styles, I bet that you can find at least one that you like! I found like hmm all of them that I like LOL!
Revival Inks Apparel is all printed by hand using eco-friendly methods! Each Garment is unique and designed by a local artist! How Cool is that!
Tara Smith is the Founder and owner of Revival Ink She is a One person show! Her Basement is where all the magic happens! Tara likes to make sure that each print is pulled by hand and that no 2 prints are alike!

Revival Ink has so kindly given one of there most popular tanks to be given away today!This is the Dandy Tank in a Medium it retails at $20!

To enter for the Dandy Tank Go to Revival ink then come back here and leave a comment telling me what other Items you like!

For Extra Entries(please put each extra Entree in a separate comment)

1. Blog about this giveaway then leave a link back to it!
2. subscribe to my feeds!
3. follow me on blogger!
4. put my new button somewhere on your blog or add my blog to your blog roll!
5. Tell Tara at Revival Ink what you would like to see on a new Shirt!

This Giveaway is open to EVERYONE!
If you are a non-blogger, if your profile is set to private, or if you do not have your email address on your blog please remember to leave it in your comments so I can get in touch with you!

This Giveaway will Close on Nov. 2nd @ 12pm CDT

The winner will be chosen by


Bloggy Giveaways Quarterly Carnival Button


This is my 3rd Giveaway in the Bloggy Carnival!

If you like that Funky Fresh Cool Look for your little ones! Then you have come to the right place! Ooh La La Mama has some of the cutest onsies, Dresses, Tees, Tops, and Rompers! All with a unique Flair to them! Ooh La La Mama has something for everyone, If you cant find at least one Article of clothing that you like at Ooh La La Mama you did not look at all of them!

Ooh La La Mama
was Created by a Husband and Wife Team! They were both Emergency room physicians with no background in Fashion! But wanted to create a line of clothing with more edge than anything that they had found in stores! So in Feb of 2007 They produced their First Garments! It has been a huge success ever scene!

Thanks to Ooh La La Mama, I have 2 Very Cute Onsies for this Giveaway!The First one is 6-9 Months and the second on is 6-12 Months!

To Enter all you have to do is go to Ooh La La Mama Find anyother product you like then come back here and in a comment tell me what it is!!
Also please put which size onsie you would like!
Simple? Yea I think so to!

For extra Entries (Please leave each one you do in a seperate comment)

1. Blog about this giveaway then leave me the link to it in a comment!
2. Subcribe to my feeds!
3. Follow me on Blogger!
4. Add my new Button to your blog or my Blog to your blogroll!
5. Tell me if you won the onsie who it would go to!

This Giveaway is open to ANYONE!!
If you are a non-blogger, if you profile is set to private or if you just do not have your Email address on your page Please remember to put it in your comment so I can get intouch with you if you win!

This Giveaway will close on Nov. 2nd @ 12pm CDT

Winner will be chosen by


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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

DadGear Diaper Bag!!

Bloggy Giveaways Quarterly Carnival Button

My Second Giveaway for the Bloggy Carnival!

Is there a Dad in your life that just refuses to carry that "Girly" diaper bag? Well DadGear is for you! They make the perfect Diaper Bag for the "Manly Man" in your life! Great colors and patterns to choose from with a variety of different style bags! My hubby is one of those men that just refuses to carry anything a woman has to carry, you would swear my purse had the plague, So when I showed him the DadGear Diaper Bags he was like "Oh yea that is something I would carry"!

The wonderful people at DadGear offered to let my Hubby try out the Courier Bag in red! When we got it in I think my Hubby was just as excited as I was to try it out!! His Fav thing about it was the wipe dispenser he was like yea no more searching for the wipes! Yea I had to LOL at him!! So I transferred everything from our "Girly" Diaper Bag into the new DadGear Diaper bag and you know what I now have my Hubby offering to carry the Diaper Bag!
I love you DadGear!LOL

Now for the exciting part the giveaway!
DadGear has offered to giveaway one Courier Bag to a reader of A Window to My Crazy Life! (You even get to pick the color you want)

So this is what you have to do if you would like to enter to win your very one Courier Bag:
Go to DadGear and Look up the Courier Bag!
Pick out the color you would like best!
Then come Back and Leave me a comment as to which one the "Manly Dad" in your life would like to have if he should win!

Here are a few extra things you can do to earn extra Entries(please leave each Extra thing you do in a separate comment):

1. Blog about this giveaway then leave me a link to it!
2. Subscribe to my feeds and let me know you did so!
3. Add my New Button to your Sidebar or my Blog to your Blogroll and then let me know you did so!
4. Fallow me on Blogger!
5. Go back to DadGear and find one other thing you would like to have!

This Giveaway is open to U.S Residents ONLY! It is open to non-bloggers as well! Please remember that if you are a non-blogger, if your blogger profile is private, or if you do not have your Email address available to me to contact you, that you leave your email address in your comment!

This Giveaway will end on 11/2 at 12pm CDT!
The winner will be picked by

Monday, October 27, 2008

It Is Bloggy Carnival Time!!

Hi All This is my first Bloggy Carnival Giveaway but not only is it my first Giveaway in the Fall Bloggy Carnival it is my First time participating in a Bloggy Carnival so you really have to bare with me LOL!!

I want to Welcome everyone, If you are a new reader go ahead and take a look around, and maybe even subscribe There is always something interesting going on around here!

Now on to my Giveaway!!

Here I have a Little Fit, If you child is like mine he goes nowhere with out a hat of some sort LOL I think he gets it from his daddy he is the same way!! Well Little Fit is for you I love there styles they fit really well, Very good Quality My son got to try out the Black Little Fit Hat and I tell you what it has been in the Dirt, Sand, Mud, and Water I take it in and Wash it and it is good as new it has never lost its shape or faded!! It is truly a must have if you have little boys as well as little girls that love to wear hats!

OK now for the Fun Part!!

Little Fit has offered One Reader a Little Fit Hat of Their Choice!

All you have to do is go to Little Fit and Look around, Come back here and and in a Comment tell me which Little Fit Hat you would choose and Who you would be giving it to!

I will close this Giveaway on 11/2 at 12 pm CDT

Here are some extra ways to gain entries (Please leave each extra entries in a separate comment)!

Blog about this Giveaway and leave me the link.
Subscribe to my Blog.
Add my button to your blog or add my blog to your blogroll.

This Giveaway is open to US ONLY! It is also open to non-bloggers! But you must remember that if your blog profile is private or if you are a non-blogger to put a valid email address in you comment!

Winner will be chosen by

Bloggy Giveaways Quarterly Carnival Button

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Wordless Wednesday!!

Oh Boy that juice is good!! Rrrrrrrrr!
Come on over and join in the fun! Wordless Wednesday

Friday, October 17, 2008

My New LOOK!!

So how do yall like it? I personally think it looks wonderful and I owe it all to my Friend Czianya at She does beautiful work so go and check her out, Talk to her im sure she can get you what you are looking for plus some!

I know I have been MIA but here is an update for you all!!

Hey fellow readers I know I have been MIA for a wile but I promise I have a good excuse LOL! We have finally moved back into our house it is not compltey finished but enough for us to be able to be back in it we still have to put on a new roof, Redo some of the floors, and a few walls but other than that it is so great to be back home! After we fix it up we plan to sale it and move closer to my hubbys work and to a biger city!

So now that I am back home I will try to start bloging again on a regular basis but I can not promis anything with all the construction I have going on right now LOL! But I have not forgoten about yall and have not given up bloging just having to take a short break ok well it turned into a long break!

I promis that i will slowley start to get back into it beniging on Monday!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Winner of Suzi Homemaker!!

Angie said...
I would choose the polka dot storage cubes. So cute. Thanks for the chance to enter.
August 26, 2008 9:52 PM

Random Integer Generator
Here are your random numbers:3
Timestamp: 2008-09-04 21:02:38 UTC

Thanks for all that entered!!

I will contact the winner shortley!!

We Survived Gustav!!

Hi guys I am back online now b/c we are living at my dads for the time being, Our house has a little damage to it some water, a buckled roof, and mold! So the insurance does not want us back in there till they took at it!! We still have no power and don't know when we will get it back they are trying to have everyone restored before Monday!!

We stayed at my Mother in Laws for the Hurricane we had 6 adults and 6 kids there! We lost power at about 2pm on Monday and got winds up to 80 mph a few big branches fell but that is about it at my MIL! They just got power today! So It was very very hot! and we ate sandwiches everyday so if I see another sandwich for a long time I think I will be sick!!

The kids handled the power outage better than the adults LOL they loved that they played outside most of the time and if it rained we let them play in it to cool off! So they kept saying they wished we had more hurricanes and I would just cringe every time I heard them say that LOL!

But anyways all in all we are safe and that is all that matters!! I hope for the best with my house but that is just thing and it can be replaced!! I am just glad that I have all of my family home safe!! Thanks for all of your Thoughts and Prayers they really did work this time!!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Hurricane Gustav!!

Hello my fellow readers I wanted to let everyone know that I will most likely not be around for a while, Depending on how hard we are hit by Gustav! I am located not very far from the Coast so I most likely will not have electricity for a little while! How long is a little while well that I can not say it can be anywheres from 2 or 3 days to a week or so! I will try to update everyone but im not so sure if that will be possible!

I know that I have a Giveaway ending soon but as soon as I am able to get back online I will announce the winner I promise!

I will keep you all updated until I can not update anymore Also if you can spare any Thoughts and Prayers for those that Gustav has already passed over I know they can really use them and for those that are in his destructive path! I Thank you so much!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Suzi Homemaker? Only In my Dreams!

Contest is Closed!!

I have to tell you a Little secret, I can not even sew a button on a shirt! Now how sad is that!
Are you a Mom like me? Or maybe a Grandmother, Aunt, Cousin, Well Suzi Homemaker Has you covered She can do anything and I mean anything!
She has a great Line for Babies & Children, For the Home, and Bags & Apparel!
I was just so amazed with the quality of her products I was not afraid to give it to my kids and in a day or so it be destroyed LOL (yea if you have kids that are as rough as mine are you would think the same thing) They have had the products for quite some time now and not one rip not one tare!
I would also recommend Suzi Homemaker for those hard to buy for gifts you know you always have at lease 2 or 3 of those a year. What not better than a personalized Gift?
Here are a few of the things she does so well

Suzi Homemaker Made this beautiful little Minky Blankie which Jolie Loves she brings it everywhere with us, she sleeps with it every night, She is very much a blankie girl and this one is just the right size! with just a added bonus of being so soft and snugglie!

For Joseph she sent this very nice Munch Box, and sense Joseph is not in school yet we use it as a Toy carrying Bag for when we go out or just when we are in he puts all his little truck in it, or his motorcycles and can carry them around with him!
I love the little bag It saves me from carrying around his toys in my purse LOL it is just big enough to put all of his little toys in, But just little enough for a 2 year old to carry on his own!

Alexis Looked over her site a few times she just could not decide what she liked most, She loved it all! Then it hit her she wanted the Tooth fairy Pillow because at the time she had 2 teeth fixing to fall out! When we got it in Alexis was just so excited One becaue it was just so cute and the other because her 2 teeth had just fallen and it was time for the tooth fairy to pass! So that night she put her 2 little teeth in the tooth pocket and low and behold the tooth fairy passed and took her baby teeth and left her $5! That just made her day! I think she told everyone about her new tooth fairy pillow!

So if you are in the market for the hard to buy gift, or have that child that you can never find his or her name on anything head on over to Suzi Homemaker and let her whip you up something Nice!

Win a $30 Gift certificate to Suzi Homemaker!

How would you like to win a $30 gift Certificate to Suzi Homemaker for anything on her Site!
Well all you have to do is go to Suzi Homemaker check out all of her nice things she has to offer, Then come back here and in a comment tell me what you would spend your $30 Gift Certificate on!
please remember to leave your email in the comment if you are a non-blogger or if you email is not made public on your blog!
If I have no way to contact you, you have no way to win!
Contest ends on September 4th @ 12 noon CDT Winner will be drawn by
So It is just that simple!
To earn extra entries
(please leave all extra entries in a separate comment)

Blog about this great giveaway,and commenting with the link!

subscribe to my feeds,and commenting saying you have done so!

Post my Buttons somewhere on your blog, and commenting saying you have done so!

Good Luck and Happy Blogging!

Contest is Closed!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

MarieLynn Boutique Is having a 30% off sale!

I did a Review for MarieLynn Boutique not that long ago!
The owner of MarieLynn Boutique contacted me and wanted me to let all of my readers know that she is having a 30% off sale on her nap time mats, Hair accessories, and and TuTu's!

She was also very Kind and this discount is in addition to the 10% off code she provided to all of you which is good for all Items at MarieLynn Boutique! The Code is Luv*MLB

So Head on over to MarieLynn Boutique and Shop Shop Shop!

MaMa Mio Review Is up!

Are you a Women that could use a Lift, or wants lipo but can not afford it, or are you like me and want it all but are afraid to go under the knife!
Well I have found the products for you MaMa Mio thats right you read that right I have found products that work like you would have had all the Lipo and boob jobs done! They also have one that gets rid of the stretch marks!

MaMa Mio offers a Boob Tube (I got to try this one), Tummy Toner (I tried this one to), Shrink to fit cream (and this one as well),tummy rub oil, tummy rub butter, wonder-full balm, shower cream,Body cream, good by stretch marks, see no scars, and many many more....

I used the 3 products that I received the Boob Tube, The Tummy Toner, and the Shrink to Fit cream for 30 days and I was just amazed by the results I got from them!

The Boob Tube Just Amazing! I noticed a small difference after 2 weeks I do have large breast was a F now a DDD due to some weight loss and I was just amazed that I saw any improvement from a cream by the end of my 30 days even my Hubby could see a difference!

Makes things decidedly more perky'

Good Housekeeping

'A cream version of the Wonderbra”

Social & Personal Magazine

“OMG! My boobs are back”

Karin, San Francisco

Another Amazing product by MaMa Mio! I used this on my upper arms and thighs! In 30 days of use I lost 2 inches in my arms and 3 inches in my thighs I was so impressed and so very excited wow I had not done that in 30 days of exercisers and sweat LOL and all I had to do is rub a cram on and BAM there goes the inches man I should have done this yeas ago!

“I can honestly say that I see an improvement on my troubled areas.”

Vikki, Miami

“Since using this product the cellulite has been reduced to nothing.”

Lisa, Manhattan

And Last But not least The Product I needed most after Having 2 babies in 2 years The Tummy Toner and after 30 days of use I did see results and I do have to say I was very very skeptical but it WORKS and it works well I might add! As I was loosing the baby weight my tummy was stating to sag a little but with the tummy toner it took my skin to a new direction and it was not south LOL

I waved goodbye to my bat wings.”


“This is amazing. I use this everywhere, boobs, tummy, arms, bum, thighs – even my knees. Brilliant.”

Gwyneth, Edinburgh

"Mama Mio whips post-birthing bods into shape faster than Heidi Klum can make it out of the labor ward and into an evening gown."

WWD Beauty Biz

So If you were like me and need a lift I recommend MaMa Mio!

Stuff for Sprouts!

Do you have Crunchy Kids? Well Kristen has a very fun line of skincare products for our very own crunchy kids LOL I just love the sound of that Crunchy Kids LOL ok ok now back to the Review, Stuff For Sprouts is an exclusive line of fun, natural skincare. Kristen developed these products for her very own crunchy kids to treat their dry, itchy legs and chapped lips and faces! The Formulas are all very high in Natural butters and oils The Cream for Extra Crunchy kids has 7 natural oils chosen specifically for their beneficial properties for dry, sensitive skin. Not only are thses product full of great ingredients, they are also feel fantastic and smell yummy and fun! and they really work! Stuff for Sprouts is also notable in what it DOES NOT contain: No Parabens, no nut oils or butters, no mineral oil, no animal products, no soy, no artificial colors, no chemical fillers. and of course no animal testing. NOTHING GROSS, NOTHING WEIRD, JUST GOOD STUFF FOR DRY SKIN.

I had the chance to try out the Cream for Extra Crunchy Kids in Blueberry and the Lip Stuff for Crispy Kissers in Chocolate! Let me tell you this stuff smells so good I could have licked it (not really) that was the first things my kids commented on was the smell! I used the Cream on Lexi b/c her legs are always dry and itchy! Well after a couple of applications she was so surprised to how soft her legs were! She loved it and the smell! I Tried the Lip Stuff on Joe and Jolie and it helped there dry cracked lips to heal up so I suck it in my diaper bag for on the go!

So if you have Crispy kids then you should really try Stuff For Sprouts!

Skin MD Natural Review!

I have had the pleasure of being able to try out Skin Md Natural so I thought I would make it a little interesting so for 2 weeks I used a leading brand of hand lotion on my left hand, and foot and on my right hand and foot I used Skin Md!

On the first day I really could not tell the difference.
Second day same could not tell the difference.
By the 4th day Is when I stated to feel the difference my right side started to come alive my hands were like I was a child again and my feet oh my I don't think my feet were ever this soft and what was so amazing is that it would never go away it stayed like that 24hrs a day.
and the Left side was very soft right when I would put the lotion on but within 2hrs it was gone.
By the Second week My hand and foot that I was using Skin Md on were amazing and just continued to get better!
As for as the other side the leading brand I will never use it again!
I also used it on my little Girls Eczema and it has helped her out so much that I rub her down with it every night!

If you have dry skin,eczema, or any skin problem that would be in need of a good lotion I highly recommend you try Skin Md Natural!

The Joys of car seats!!

Oh man, well yesterday I decided I was going to take all of the car seats I own and wash them, it was about that time it had been a wile! I dread the day when I have to do that it is a day long project to take apart and put them back together, I have 3 in use and one that I have just stored up that needed to be washed also before we saved it up for good! So I took the 2 out of my SUV and the 1 out of Hubby's Truck and the 1 I have saved up in Jolie's room all out at about 9am and it takes about 30 min to wash each one and about 30 min to dry each one so that is 1 hr spent on each one so I should have been done lets say around 2pm, Ill give myself an extra hour to take them apart and put them back together. Well 2pm came and went and here come 4pm and I am just finishing up those darn car seats are so hard to take apart and put back together it takes like an hour to do each one, that does not make any sense at all. By the time I was done I was so tired and frustrated I just wanted to go out and buy new ones but I knew that was not possible with the price of them these days! So anyways all in all I got it all done and I even had time to go out and vacuum my SUV and boy should I have waited till today to do that LOL that took till like 6pm those thing are big I really never use the 3rd row much so when I lifted it and started to vacuum back there I was ready to pass out!

Do you have any good tips for me or other readers on how to keep car seats or SUV'S clean? Please feel free to share them with us after a day like yesterday I am willing to try anything!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday Fill-Ins!

Here we go:

1. The last meal I had at a restaurant was with my hubbys family at a Chinese Restaurant.

2. Confrontation is something I intensely dislike.

3. The full moon is when they say to cut your hair if you want it thicker.

4. Laissez Les Bons Rouler is one of my favorite local expressions. It means let the good times roll.

5. Sometimes it's best to keep my big mouth shut.

6. The Eye is the best movie I've seen so far this year!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to well Im not really looking forward to it but im going to a wedding, tomorrow my plans include going to wal mart and doing my shopping and just spending time with my kids and Sunday, I want to do nothing but relax and spend time with the hubby and kids!

Come and play along with us Friday Fill-Ins

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Nix All-Star Socks Review!!

I do have to agree these are the Cutest baby socks around! I just love them! I am not one who folds socks down that is just not my style, So it is really hard to find cute socks that stay up! Well Nix All-Star Socks to the trick my son wore them all day and not once did I have to pick them up or fix them they stayed up all day long I was so impressed!

They come in a "One size fits all" which fits a shoe size 2-7 and it is very true my one year old daughter also wore them with no problems! They are sold 2 pairs to a set, and have beautiful, bright, and a bunch of colors to pick from! They really go with anything your child wears you can dress them up or you can dress them down!

So if you are looking for really cute socks for you little one Head on over to Nix All-Star socks and order you a set or Two! I promise It is well worth it!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wordless Wednesday!

Words can not express how much fun she had digging into her First Birthday Cake!

Want to join in the fun check out Wordless Wednesday!

Sorry about the lack of posting guys!

It has been a crazy couple of weeks around my house Hubby had to have a bunch of test done on his leg (he was in a car accident when he was 10) and his leg has been hurting him really bad he went through the first round of test and everything came back good so now we are waiting on the mri to make sure that is all good!

On top of that I was trying to get my oldest into the school in town not sure if they were going to accept her or not! School started today and she just got registered on Monday so that was very stressful trying to get uniforms and all! But it is done and she is excited to be there so that is all good!

I have also started babysitting so I am trying to get on a schedule with all of that, getting registered with the state to get meal funding is about a pain but it is coming along! I have a couple more process to go through before I am complete with that I can not wait till I will be done. LOL

But after all of that I will have much more time on my hands to work on my blog so I am very excited, I am very behind on my reviews and giveaways so keep a look out for some great reviews and a bunch of giveaways coming up in the very near future!

Once again I apologizes for my absence and promise I will be back on track very soon!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Winner of the ParkingPal!

Ashley said...

What a great idea.

People tend to let their guard down.

Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

July 27, 2008 8:02 PM

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2008-08-01 14:43:26 UTC

Congrats I will be contacting you shortly!

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Finaly after 2 tries I got accepted to PayPerPost. I am their newest Postie! A Postie? Yea I can see your face now, you are trying to figure out what a Postie is! Well it is a person in the blogger world that gets paid to do what they do best Blog, A Postie is a writer for PayPerPost! Oh, and the best part of it all is you get paid to do it, yep you read that right you get paid to do it!

PayPerPost is a Legit company that pays for you to blog about certain topics from a rather large list of theres. All you have to do is Submit your blog to their page make sure you read their terms of service to make sure that your blog is old enough, and has enough post, add their badge to their badge to your side bar and wait to be approved. The day you get the email that you are approved you can log into PayPerPost, go to open opportunities, reserve you spot on an opportunity, and start making money!

Now once your post was approved PayPerPost will Pay-pal you the money that the post was worth, Can it get any easier than that?

Now that you have the run down on things and you still think you would like to be a Postie for PayPerPost head on over there now and get your blog approved now it does take a few days so don't get frustrated with them but it is well worth the wait I promise!

blog network

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

ParkingPal Giveaway!

Closed Winner will be contacted shortly!

I had the pleasure of Trying one of these neat little creations out, so I stuck one just like the one above to my truck and took off, my son is 2 so I was a little worried he would not under stand what to do when we got out of the truck in the parking lot I told him to give the ParkingPal a High Five and He did so I could get his sister and my bags out of the truck, just not long enough before I knew it he had let go and was off so I think he was still just a little to young for it!
So I came up with a new way to use the ParkingPal in my home until he is old enough to use it in a parking lot and me feel comfortable that he will not run off again LOL! We are trying time outs around our house but again he is not picking up on the hole knees thing so I was sitting him in a chair but when the ParkingPal came along I decided to try a new way of things I stuck it to a surface in my home and when he needs to cool off he puts his hand there for his cooling down time and it works great! So until he is ready for the Parking Lot we will practice in our home Thanks ParkingPal!

How would you like to win your own ParkingPal?

I have this Fishy ParkingPal up for grabs
All you have to do is go to the ParkingPal website come back here and leave me a comment telling me one of the safety tips & stats it is that easy!
Everyone is welcome to enter, Please make sure there is a way for me to get intouch with you either by your blog or your email, contest will end July 29, 2008. Winner will be chosen by
For extra entries:
1. you can blog about this giveaway then in a separate comment leave me a link back to it.
2. add my button to your blog and in a separate comment let me know
or 3. subscribe to my feed and in a separate comment let me know

Thanks and Good Luck!
Closed Winner Will Be Contacted Shortly!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Nature's Baby Organics Review

I am always on the look out for products that can help my children out when it comes to there skin allergies and eczema! That is how I found Nature's Baby Organics and I am really glad I did They have a wonderful line of products, and Great Customer Service.

The Owner and Creator of Nature's Baby Organics, Adena, Created these wonderful products after her first child had a bad reaction to a product she was using on her and her second child had very bad eczema. After some very extensive research and years of development and testing here you have it a Product that is safe for your baby's skin and wont dry out their hair.

Lets talk about the products I reviewed:
First there was the Shampoo & Body Wash in Vanilla Tangerine: I have to say the smell was amazing I loved the way it was not to sweet but just enough to stay on all day! The shampoo and body wash cleaned very well it only took a very small drop and lathered very well I was very impressed it left my baby skin very smooth and soft with no reactions to it at all!

Next we used the Conditioner & Detangler also in Vanilla Tangerine: I have to say I was a little worried about using this in my baby's hair as she has fine hair and I did not want it to come out greasy or oily but to my surprise it did not at all it was just soft and silky with no knots my son on the other hand has very course hair and I was looking forward to using it in his hair to see what it would do and it was amazing his hair came out the same as my little girls so soft and silky I could actually do something with it besides it just sticking up LOL!

Then Came the Face & Body Moisturizer in Fragrance-Free: I loved this Moisturizer it was not oily at all I loved that it was fragrance-free my little girl has eczema really bad and after a few days of using this with the bath soap her eczema was much better then when we use all of the prescription lotions she has.

Next I had the Organic soothing Stick in Fragrance-Free: I used this for my oldest childes chapped lips she gets them so bad that they crack and bleed and nothing else that I have tried has worked like this.

I also tried the Aromatherapy Calming Spray in Lovely Lavender: I have used the baby wash before but never a spray before so I was very eager to try it out it smelled so lovely such a light sent of lavender, so I sprayed it every so lightly over my baby's bed and she slept like a log, I also sprayed my sons bed and my bed I loved it so much.

I would recommend these lovely products to anyone not just to parents with children with irritable skin but they are such lovely products and work so well that any parent would Love them!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Winner of the Bows 2 Cute Giveaway is.....

Shelly said...

I like the Candy Apple Princess and the gingham

July 10, 2008 12:35 PM

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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

THE WINNER OF THE VERY HELPFUL CD IS...... and a 33% discount on the Very Helpful CD

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Buttons and Bows, hands down!


Congrats to you I will be contacting you shortly!

David was so pleased with all the responses to the giveaway that he has so graciously given everyone that has not won a chance to purchase his Very Helpful CD at 33% off as a Thank you for all the kind comments you have given!
All you have to do is click on the paypal button at the bottom and it will direct you to check out and David will be notified with your shipping address and all!
What a Wonderful thing he is doing Thank you David! So hurry and get your very own Very Helpful CD at 33% off!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Bows 2 Cute Giveaway!

I was Lucky enough to find Bows 2 Cute I am always looking for bows and clips that will stay in my Daughters Barely there hair, Her hair is so baby fine and almost not even there on top LOL! But when I received the starter set from Bows 2 cute I was so excited to finally find cute little bows and clips that actually stayed in her hair! She played all day and never once did they fall out! I was also so impressed with the prices I go to a few craft shows a year and you can find some reasonable priced bows but most are just so plain! I know now that I can always go to Bows 2 Cute and find what I am looking for at a great price!

At Bows 2 Cute they not only Make the cutest bows they also do snappies, headbands, buttons/magnets, and bow holders! What a wonderful Job Jamie does she puts so much pride into everything she makes! Jamie is a Mother as well as a Teacher she teaches preschool special education, She started making bows for her own daughter when she could not find any bows that would stay in her barely there hair, she also wanted to sale her bows at a much lower price than what she had found at other places! I think she has done a wonderful job at achieving this!
How would you like to win a starter set of Bows from Bows 2 Cute?
Bows 2 Cute Kindly offered one lucky reader from A Window To My Crazy Life a starter set just like the one you see above. All you have to do is visit Bows 2 Cute and come back here telling me in a comment what your favorite bow is at Bows 2 Cute! You will have until July 14th @ 11pm CDT to enter! I will pick a winner the next morning and contact him/her via email or their blog! So make sure there is a way for me to contact you either by your blog or for non-bloggers you can leave your email address, if there is no way for me to contact you there is no way for you to win!
FOR EXTRA ENTRIES(one extra for each thing you do):
~Blog about this giveaway link back in a separate comment!
~Add my button somewhere on your blog! leave a separate comment telling me you did it! and where I can find it!
~subscribe to my feed and leave me a separate comment letting me know you did it!
Open to everyone!

Winner of the My Plate-Mate!

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Blogger E. Cooper said...

I love the idea that it'll help the kidlet - I'm not so worried about messes, but I promote activities that raise self-esteem!

Congrats I will be contacting you shortly!

Happy First Birthday Jolie!

One year ago my Beautiful Baby girl was born! It seems like it was just yesterday! I was 2cm dilated at my last doctors appointment and had been having a lot of contractions enough for the doctor to monitor me a couple of times but of course they were all false labor well on July 2, 2007 I had a doctors appointment at 9am I had been up all night with contractions and hard ones I was tired I felt like it was time but was thinking I was going to go longer b/c I just not that lucky my Due Date was not for another 5 or 6 days! Well I get into the office and It is Me, My Hubby, and we Have Joseph with us because I did not think anything was going to happen! My Doc does his check says I am still 2 cm dilated But I am contracting like crazy so he asked me if I had my bags packed, I told him yes and that they were in the truck LOL! So my doctor said that if I want to be induced today that I could be, So I jumped off the table so fast and was ready to walk over to the Hospital! I got to the hospital at 10am I was still contracting good they got me all settled in and hooked up and at 10:30 broke my water! Oh man did the contractions start after that! We called everyone we needed to call and my Mom and MIL were on there way to come and help out with Joseph and to be there when Jolie was born! So at 11:30 they come in to check me and I am 5cm dilated but my contractions have slowed down a lot so they hook me up to the pitocin and call for the epi so around 12:00 the epi lady gets there and I get hooked up to that and by this time I am so thankful the pitocin has kicked in and my contractions are back off the charts! So now I have the epi and I rest for a bit well not even an hour later my epi is wearing off so I tell the nurse and I get more meds all is good now it is 2:30 I am still at 6 cm dilated so Hubby decides he is going to take Joseph and go home and pack his bags and let Joe sleep on the ride there b/c he was so tired so they leave about 3:00pm the nurse comes in right after them at about 3:30pm checks me and says it is time to push! Well im freaking out b/c my hubby just left he wont be back for like a couple hours now so My MIL starts calling him to turn around and come back it is time to push LOL so he gets back at about 4:00pm they are setting me up to get ready to push and at 4:59pm Jolie is born weighing 6lbs 2oz and 19in long! Here are some pics from birth to now!

Happy Birthday My Beautiful Baby Girl!