Monday, June 30, 2008

Some Much needed Thoughts and Prayers Please!

If you could Please spare a second of your time to send out some healing and good thoughts and if you pray some prayers. They could really be used right now. One of my friends from a mommies bored (Mommies n Babbies) Little girl is in the ICU right now fighting for her life she is on life support. I do not know all the details right now everything was posted in such a hurry. I do know that there was an accident at home where Aviannas daddy fell asleep feeding her and Sarah her mommy ran in the room and could not find her and when she did she was blue and lifeless! So if you can just please keep Avianna her Mommy Sarah, Her Daddy Dave and all the rest of there family I will up date you as soon as I know anything more Thank you so much!


  1. I am totally thinking about your friend at that beautiful baby. Well wishes being sent.

  2. you won a t-shirt on my berrie sweet blog. please email me your choice and size within 48 hours or i will have to choose an alternate.