Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy First Birthday Jolie!

One year ago my Beautiful Baby girl was born! It seems like it was just yesterday! I was 2cm dilated at my last doctors appointment and had been having a lot of contractions enough for the doctor to monitor me a couple of times but of course they were all false labor well on July 2, 2007 I had a doctors appointment at 9am I had been up all night with contractions and hard ones I was tired I felt like it was time but was thinking I was going to go longer b/c I just not that lucky my Due Date was not for another 5 or 6 days! Well I get into the office and It is Me, My Hubby, and we Have Joseph with us because I did not think anything was going to happen! My Doc does his check says I am still 2 cm dilated But I am contracting like crazy so he asked me if I had my bags packed, I told him yes and that they were in the truck LOL! So my doctor said that if I want to be induced today that I could be, So I jumped off the table so fast and was ready to walk over to the Hospital! I got to the hospital at 10am I was still contracting good they got me all settled in and hooked up and at 10:30 broke my water! Oh man did the contractions start after that! We called everyone we needed to call and my Mom and MIL were on there way to come and help out with Joseph and to be there when Jolie was born! So at 11:30 they come in to check me and I am 5cm dilated but my contractions have slowed down a lot so they hook me up to the pitocin and call for the epi so around 12:00 the epi lady gets there and I get hooked up to that and by this time I am so thankful the pitocin has kicked in and my contractions are back off the charts! So now I have the epi and I rest for a bit well not even an hour later my epi is wearing off so I tell the nurse and I get more meds all is good now it is 2:30 I am still at 6 cm dilated so Hubby decides he is going to take Joseph and go home and pack his bags and let Joe sleep on the ride there b/c he was so tired so they leave about 3:00pm the nurse comes in right after them at about 3:30pm checks me and says it is time to push! Well im freaking out b/c my hubby just left he wont be back for like a couple hours now so My MIL starts calling him to turn around and come back it is time to push LOL so he gets back at about 4:00pm they are setting me up to get ready to push and at 4:59pm Jolie is born weighing 6lbs 2oz and 19in long! Here are some pics from birth to now!

Happy Birthday My Beautiful Baby Girl!

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  1. I'm a passer by..your blog is beautiful and your kids are lovely..so coincidence,we are both Gemini..
    Have a pleasant day ahead..
    Best regards,