Thursday, August 14, 2008

Nix All-Star Socks Review!!

I do have to agree these are the Cutest baby socks around! I just love them! I am not one who folds socks down that is just not my style, So it is really hard to find cute socks that stay up! Well Nix All-Star Socks to the trick my son wore them all day and not once did I have to pick them up or fix them they stayed up all day long I was so impressed!

They come in a "One size fits all" which fits a shoe size 2-7 and it is very true my one year old daughter also wore them with no problems! They are sold 2 pairs to a set, and have beautiful, bright, and a bunch of colors to pick from! They really go with anything your child wears you can dress them up or you can dress them down!

So if you are looking for really cute socks for you little one Head on over to Nix All-Star socks and order you a set or Two! I promise It is well worth it!

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  1. Those are fabulous love the red!

    Amanda where you been? Did you see our back to school event? Anyhow hope you are still my buddy!