Friday, October 17, 2008

I know I have been MIA but here is an update for you all!!

Hey fellow readers I know I have been MIA for a wile but I promise I have a good excuse LOL! We have finally moved back into our house it is not compltey finished but enough for us to be able to be back in it we still have to put on a new roof, Redo some of the floors, and a few walls but other than that it is so great to be back home! After we fix it up we plan to sale it and move closer to my hubbys work and to a biger city!

So now that I am back home I will try to start bloging again on a regular basis but I can not promis anything with all the construction I have going on right now LOL! But I have not forgoten about yall and have not given up bloging just having to take a short break ok well it turned into a long break!

I promis that i will slowley start to get back into it beniging on Monday!!


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