Saturday, June 21, 2008

I know I have not been posting much and for that I am sorry...

Things have been really crazy around my house, ever since school let out it has been one thing after another and sometimes I just feel like there are not enough hours in a day! Do you ever wish there were more hours in a day?
Lexi has been on the go non stop this is all I here "Mom I want to go to the mall!", "Mom I want to go to my MiMi's(that is what she calls MIL)", "Mom can I go here Mom can I go there" I think out of the 14 days that we have her a month we might see her 7 LOL.
Then there is Joseph we have been working on potty training and that is not going so well he has the potty part down pat if I put him on the potty he will go every time. It is the communication part he is lacking, the part to tell me he has to go. So that has been fun. Then the last couple of days he has been sick running a high fever so I guess he will be going to the doctors on Monday!
Jolie she is just Jolie she is trying to walk she wants to get up and go so bad she gets so mad at herself when she falls it is so cute. I bet it will not be long now! She will be one soon July 2nd I can not believe my baby girl is going to be one sniff sniff! She is growing up so fast she wants to do everything her big sister and big brother do!
Well I will be posting more now that things are settling down around here well things never REALLY settle down I just get used to the NEW craziness! LOL

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  1. hey you know you lover me. ROFL Ok I'll make you love me!