Thursday, July 17, 2008

Nature's Baby Organics Review

I am always on the look out for products that can help my children out when it comes to there skin allergies and eczema! That is how I found Nature's Baby Organics and I am really glad I did They have a wonderful line of products, and Great Customer Service.

The Owner and Creator of Nature's Baby Organics, Adena, Created these wonderful products after her first child had a bad reaction to a product she was using on her and her second child had very bad eczema. After some very extensive research and years of development and testing here you have it a Product that is safe for your baby's skin and wont dry out their hair.

Lets talk about the products I reviewed:
First there was the Shampoo & Body Wash in Vanilla Tangerine: I have to say the smell was amazing I loved the way it was not to sweet but just enough to stay on all day! The shampoo and body wash cleaned very well it only took a very small drop and lathered very well I was very impressed it left my baby skin very smooth and soft with no reactions to it at all!

Next we used the Conditioner & Detangler also in Vanilla Tangerine: I have to say I was a little worried about using this in my baby's hair as she has fine hair and I did not want it to come out greasy or oily but to my surprise it did not at all it was just soft and silky with no knots my son on the other hand has very course hair and I was looking forward to using it in his hair to see what it would do and it was amazing his hair came out the same as my little girls so soft and silky I could actually do something with it besides it just sticking up LOL!

Then Came the Face & Body Moisturizer in Fragrance-Free: I loved this Moisturizer it was not oily at all I loved that it was fragrance-free my little girl has eczema really bad and after a few days of using this with the bath soap her eczema was much better then when we use all of the prescription lotions she has.

Next I had the Organic soothing Stick in Fragrance-Free: I used this for my oldest childes chapped lips she gets them so bad that they crack and bleed and nothing else that I have tried has worked like this.

I also tried the Aromatherapy Calming Spray in Lovely Lavender: I have used the baby wash before but never a spray before so I was very eager to try it out it smelled so lovely such a light sent of lavender, so I sprayed it every so lightly over my baby's bed and she slept like a log, I also sprayed my sons bed and my bed I loved it so much.

I would recommend these lovely products to anyone not just to parents with children with irritable skin but they are such lovely products and work so well that any parent would Love them!


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