Friday, August 22, 2008

MaMa Mio Review Is up!

Are you a Women that could use a Lift, or wants lipo but can not afford it, or are you like me and want it all but are afraid to go under the knife!
Well I have found the products for you MaMa Mio thats right you read that right I have found products that work like you would have had all the Lipo and boob jobs done! They also have one that gets rid of the stretch marks!

MaMa Mio offers a Boob Tube (I got to try this one), Tummy Toner (I tried this one to), Shrink to fit cream (and this one as well),tummy rub oil, tummy rub butter, wonder-full balm, shower cream,Body cream, good by stretch marks, see no scars, and many many more....

I used the 3 products that I received the Boob Tube, The Tummy Toner, and the Shrink to Fit cream for 30 days and I was just amazed by the results I got from them!

The Boob Tube Just Amazing! I noticed a small difference after 2 weeks I do have large breast was a F now a DDD due to some weight loss and I was just amazed that I saw any improvement from a cream by the end of my 30 days even my Hubby could see a difference!

Makes things decidedly more perky'

Good Housekeeping

'A cream version of the Wonderbra”

Social & Personal Magazine

“OMG! My boobs are back”

Karin, San Francisco

Another Amazing product by MaMa Mio! I used this on my upper arms and thighs! In 30 days of use I lost 2 inches in my arms and 3 inches in my thighs I was so impressed and so very excited wow I had not done that in 30 days of exercisers and sweat LOL and all I had to do is rub a cram on and BAM there goes the inches man I should have done this yeas ago!

“I can honestly say that I see an improvement on my troubled areas.”

Vikki, Miami

“Since using this product the cellulite has been reduced to nothing.”

Lisa, Manhattan

And Last But not least The Product I needed most after Having 2 babies in 2 years The Tummy Toner and after 30 days of use I did see results and I do have to say I was very very skeptical but it WORKS and it works well I might add! As I was loosing the baby weight my tummy was stating to sag a little but with the tummy toner it took my skin to a new direction and it was not south LOL

I waved goodbye to my bat wings.”


“This is amazing. I use this everywhere, boobs, tummy, arms, bum, thighs – even my knees. Brilliant.”

Gwyneth, Edinburgh

"Mama Mio whips post-birthing bods into shape faster than Heidi Klum can make it out of the labor ward and into an evening gown."

WWD Beauty Biz

So If you were like me and need a lift I recommend MaMa Mio!


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