Friday, August 22, 2008

Skin MD Natural Review!

I have had the pleasure of being able to try out Skin Md Natural so I thought I would make it a little interesting so for 2 weeks I used a leading brand of hand lotion on my left hand, and foot and on my right hand and foot I used Skin Md!

On the first day I really could not tell the difference.
Second day same could not tell the difference.
By the 4th day Is when I stated to feel the difference my right side started to come alive my hands were like I was a child again and my feet oh my I don't think my feet were ever this soft and what was so amazing is that it would never go away it stayed like that 24hrs a day.
and the Left side was very soft right when I would put the lotion on but within 2hrs it was gone.
By the Second week My hand and foot that I was using Skin Md on were amazing and just continued to get better!
As for as the other side the leading brand I will never use it again!
I also used it on my little Girls Eczema and it has helped her out so much that I rub her down with it every night!

If you have dry skin,eczema, or any skin problem that would be in need of a good lotion I highly recommend you try Skin Md Natural!

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